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Nail Brush


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Why is this so good?

A high quality nail brush with extra firm cactus bristle which is excellent for really removing stubborn dirt under the nails and on the hands. The bristles remain stiff even in water and improve with age. The bristles set into both sides of the nail brush come from the fibers of a cactus found in Mexico, which are famous for both their stiffness and long-lasting usefulness. Bristles on each side of the nail brush differ in length, meaning that you can choose the side that is best suited to your needs. The stiffness of the cactus bristles means that this professional-grade product can be used to clean even the most stubborn dirt. Our bathing and spa accessories are carefully chosen by us for their superior quality. This brush is made from FSC certified beechwood. All made with sustainably sourced and environmentally sound methods and materials. All the products are made from the finest organic raw materials from around the world, with the majority being made in UK and Europe. As testament to the quality of these products, many are used in leading spas worldwide.

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Weight / Size height 4.5cm x width 9.5cm

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