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Scented Candle

Patchouli & Black Pepper

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Why is this so good?

This luxury candle subtly envelopes a room with delicious perfume, slowly releasing a unique signature scent, transforming mood and lighting up your home with atmosphere, magic and style. Made in the Bath House Making Rooms in Sedbergh, using a traditional hand poured process. Made with natural Soy wax with an infusion of luxurious perfumed oil. This candle has a generous burn time of up to 40 hours.

Infused with our sensual and spicy fragrance of Patchouli & Black Pepper, this fragrance is our best-seller in our perfume collection, making it the natural choice for a scented candle. This fragrance captures the mystery of the Orient, created with rich exotic ingredients with a modern twist, blending patchouli oil, black pepper and mandarin with vanilla and the warm velvet tones of amber and vetiver.

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