The Beauty of Bath House

What is our natural ethos?

We're really proud of our products and work hard to give you the best in bathing and bodycare.  Having spent over sixteen years developing the Bath House brand, our products are now full of fantastic natural bases, extracts and oils, with most of our products now containing over 98% natural ingredients. At Bath House, we believe that in most cases, the more natural we can make a product the better, and as our products have evolved, so have our formulations. We are proud that none of our products contain parabens and no SLS's.
Bath House is known for being fabulously British, with most of our products now being created right here at the home of Bath House in Sedbergh, Cumbria. From working closely with our fragrance experts, selecting extracts, and sourcing containers and bottles, making the products in our on site 'Making Rooms', to designing all of the print and packaging, buying the papers and boards, printing the packaging and training our inhouse staff to hand-finish all of our products, we are there every step of the way.

Who makes our product?

We make 80% of our product portfolio ourselves in the 'Making Rooms' at the home of Bath House in Sedbergh, Cumbria. The remaining 20% are made in the United Kingdom by a handful of highly reputable makers.  We put our trust in their years of expertise, and work very closely with these companies to ensure that our high standards are maintained (we make site visits to all of our suppliers too).  Each product and fragrance is specifically developed for Bath House. It's also important to us that our carbon footprint is minimised by sourcing from within the UK, and that in doing so, we are also helping to support the declining manufacturing industry in Britain.  Our packaging is also printed in the UK, some inhouse and the rest by working with local printers and we even buy our boards from a local paper mill in Cumbria.

...and what are the ingredients?

When we start the creative process of designing a new range, fragrance is always the starting point.  Get this right, and everything else falls into place. We have expensive taste when it comes to fragrance, but like all Bath House products, we won't compromise on quality. We work very closely with some of the best UK perfumers to produces unique, distinctive and original perfumes. Nearly all fragrances within the toiletry and perfume industry are synthetic with some natural extracts added, and there are two main reasons for this.  Firstly, synthetics guarantee stability each time a fragrance is made, so the customer can rely on the same scent each time they buy their favourite.  Secondly, natural fragrance contains more allergens, therefore increasing the chances of allergic reaction compared to synthetic ones (strange but true). Once the fragrance is finalised, we start the process of sampling product ideas, working hand in hand with the makers to include beneficial natural plant extracts and oils.  Inclusion of these will be relevant to each product depending on its use, whether it's a rich, nourishing cream, a cleansing astringent face wash or a luxurious bath soak.  Our 100% ‘Natural & Organic’ range does not contain any fragrance; they are fragranced purely by the natural extracts and oils in each product.